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Administration Management

Administration module oversee all other department of college or school, it provides starting point for each and every transaction or activity which take place in College ERP System Modules. Administration department plays important role for managing entire core operations of any organization.An College Administration Software module is a first step to make defaults setting of other modules like student management system,library management system,MIS System,Examination management system,Reports e.t.c.

Functions of Administration Management

School Administration software manager has to handle creation of fees heads of students keeping in points laid down by government and college management which are already introduce in erp system, categorization of staff so that subjects can be assigned so that teaching time table can be scheduled arranging so that it does clash timings. User roll management is assigned through administration management system according to department wise and user wise so staff can see and utilize only those information which are meant for them and it also helps to maintain data privacy.

College Administration Software

Administration software manager looks into credentials management of every student; teachers and staff also assign appropriate rights and permission according to their designation and roles in organization. Administrator look that management information system data is being inflow into integrated system so that all other department works smoothly and efficiently. College or school administration software has to make all arrangements so that College or school ERP system is used properly and all check guidelines laid down by UGC is being followed as it is backbone of institute. Administrator can pull out activity log sheet of all other department working in the system and review activities of users, statistics of any department. Dashboard of college administration software or school administration software is designed in way that information can be presented to management wasting no time. Taking backups of previous records, managing, deleting and editing of records can be done by administrator. This module surely adds wings to your system and helps for working of other modules.