What is College Management Software?

College Management Software is application specifically designed for smooth management and functioning of college operations. A college management ERP software has several modules for different departments such as Admissions, Attendance and Payroll, Fee Collection, Student Records, Examinations, HR, and MIS Reports for executive management.

How Does Software work

College management system software is a hybrid ERP system that has a campus version software deployed on college computers for offline software functioning and it is synced with cloud version that enables online admission system. To use the cloud version software, a college must have campus version whereas Campus version can be used independently even if you do not have cloud version. Both the versions are synced automatically with load balancing technology. This system helps to secure important data automatically.

Benefits of College Management Software:

Some of the key benefits of the college ERP software are as below:

Eases college administration

A college management system software assigns role-based access for different kinds of users. For example, the access permissions are different for data entry operators as compared to that of management roles. A data entry operator may not be able to access the reports accessible to the senior managers or the top-ranking officials. The software also reduces manual and repetitive tasks thereby increasing the efficiency of the staff.

Non-academic College operations

A College Management system automates the Accounting and payroll operations.

Adhering to government rules

The college automation software makes it easy to meet the government compliances and comply by the university rules through the necessary provisions and timely upgrades available in the software.

Preparation for NAAC Accreditation

The college management ERP software stores the data in a manner that make reports preparation convenient to table the government statutory bodies such as the Director of Higher Education and NAAC committee.

Effective communication

The college automation software facilitates timely communication with parents, students and the academic staff. The system allows to send SMS to parents if student is absent, share college feedback, inform about fees collection and outstanding fees, and send college notices.

Features of College Management Software

Student Management

This feature helps the academic staff in smooth functioning of academics and communicate with parents regarding student performance and punctuality.

Online admission

This feature ensures the completion of the admission process in a hassle-free manner. The automation of application forms makes it easy to retrieve and process data for official records and reports.

Examination Management

The Examination Management features reduces the turnaround time, right from exam fee collection to Exam result generation.

HR Management

The HR module takes care a variety of functions within the ambit of the HR department such as compliances, leave and payroll.

Library Management

This is an important feature to facilitate the college grading by NAAC committee. It also assists in library management, and student verification.

Accounts and Finance

An essential feature that automates all necessary Accounts and Finance related functions including tax audit, ensuring transparency in financial data available for management.

Hostel Management

This feature helps to manage the room allocation and other amenities in hostel.

Fee Management

A sub-head of Accounts and Finance, fee management includes fee collection, issue of online receipts and provides transaction history.


The designated head of the MIS department provides accurate data to institution management, ensuring accuracy and transparency in all transactions recorded in the system.