Uptodate System Right from Seating
Arrangement to Result Generation

Examination Management System

An examination is an essential stage in a process that should be cleared to reach the next level. This means handling examination information cautiously is very important. Exam Management Software is used for storing, retrieving, managing, and aggregating examination data.

The examination Management System is useful for both Students and Faculty as well. They can use it based on the accessibility they are provided with.

Users at various levels are provided the rights and privileges to perform a different set of operations.

For Example, an administrator can verify the data and generate the list of eligible and non-eligible candidates based on defined criteria and also can keep track of the students who have confirmed the admission but not submitted their examination forms.

Library management software won't issue clearance certificates unless students return all books to the library even if they pass the exams.

Examination Management System

Some key features of an online admission system are

  • Generating Fee Receipt and Seat number .
  • Admin will be able to process forms of regular students, students with backlogs, and external candidates as well.
  • Admin can use all the data with respect to the examination form of the students (provided by students) and can generate examination fee receipt for the specific student.
  • The system will help to manage the examination seating plan and automatically allocate the seat to the students concerning the varying hall capacity.
  • Admin can easily generate the examination seat numbers later. It takes into account the attendance and regulations for the course and programme and then verifies the fee payments made before the hall ticket generation can be implemented.
  • After this, students can log in to the system and download their Examination fee receipt and admit card/hall ticket. Students can also extract the Examination date sheet, pattern, and syllabus for particular subjects.

Reports Generation

  • An examination management system helps in preparing the necessary reports required for the effective management of the examination department.
  • The System is used to generate Junior Supervisor reports. By entering the name of the faculty, you can check which specific room the faculty was assigned. You can also check the number of candidates under the specific faculty with starting and ending roll numbers. Faculty attendance will be recorded in the system.
  • After the process of evaluation is completed, you can fetch all kinds of required reports like examination performance reports, subject-wise performance reports, failure students’ reports, and a topper list. You can check the overall performance of each and every individual student with the help of a roll number or registration number. If you want to check the performance of any faculty of a specific subject then the subject-wise report will be effective.
  • The system will automatically calculate aggregate marks for every student and prepare a sorted list and you will have your topper on the top of the list.
  • You will be able to generate the passing certificate with one click for every student who has cleared the examination. The passing certificate will be available to the students which can be downloaded after logging into the system.
  • Detailed Mark sheets will be prepared into the system which can be printed and distributed among the students.
  • This system is equipped with a proper backup disaster recovery plan which helps to manage the complete life cycle of online/offline examinations without any aggravation.

Benefits of Examination Management System

Lowers the efforts associated with examination management

Streamlines the entire examination management process that helps to save the time of staff.

Every task related to the exam is managed efficiently and effectively right from exam fee to results.