Why Fee Management is a must
have feature in College ERP

Fee Management System

Fee Management System for College

The monetary matter is very important to any organization similarly college requires fee collection software to manage this important function of the account and finance department. Handling this important work requires very good fee management software for college.

Clerks working at the front end are at the high potential to make mistakes while collecting fees because of rush and work pressure. College fee collection software provides clerks such a good interface to manage fee collection and generate receipts.

Data entry done over here is reflected in the student management system as well as help to generate statistics reports of pending fees and fees collected.

College fees management software is helpful to solve any escalation or query rose related to fees because this software shows all previous records of student fees.

Fee reminders and alerts are powerful features added to this college fees management software.

College fee collection software is very important as it directly involves money collection to speed up work, make it usable to other modules, and make it error-free by which people don’t irritate while standing on the counter to deposit fees.

Fee collection software has various other features which allow accepting fees at concession if provided by college management or any government & UGC rule. Yearly, Monthly fee collections reports can be generated, Categorization of fees head reports is generated too.

Fee Management System

Accounts department is much benefited because of this automated software, much of the effort and hassle is reduced by this software.

Benefits of Fee Management Software

Mode of Payment

Fee management accepts online payment and cash mode as well which gives choice to pay according to their comfort.

Efficiency of Front-end Executive

All the norms are set in the fee module to comply with government rules that improve executive efficiency. Prompt working of this module ensures smooth operations in the student module and examination module.

Accounts & Finance

The fee module provides valuable data input that makes error-free bookkeeping and accounts.