Give a Boost to Admission Process
Through Online Mode

Admission Management Software

What is College Admission Software?

College admissions software helps automate the admission process in a college. It automates various activities such as filling of application forms, enrolment process, and fee collection.

The online admission software for college is usually linked with the college’s website in such a way that it can be accessed by a prospective student easily from the website home page.

college online admission system

Some key features of an online admission system are :-

  • Accepts admission fee online through a college admission system, it is possible to pay the fee using the online payment feature made available on the website.
  • The application processing becomes very easy as the online admission system generates a unique ID for each student application or enrolment. QR code feature is also available to process application.
  • Ensures compliance to government laws and guidelines on admission process
  • Allows students to track their admission status.
  • Stores the applicant data for further use in case the applicant gets admission in the college.
  • Generates a Merit list of applicants
  • Completes the enrolment process by assigning roll number to each student
  • Allocates students to various batches according to subject selection.
  • Allows messaging students about admission and academic updates
  • Generate all required college ERP software reports .

Benefits of College Online Admission System:

  • Cost effective : Saves paper and form printing cost
  • Zero waiting time: Avoid delays or time spent in a queue
  • Printed Application Forms’ storage space is saved.
  • Anytime registration facility for applicants
  • Online submission of documents required to complete the admission process
  • Doing away with Human errors