Simplify Student Betterment

Student Management System

The student management system consists of personal details like student name, age, gender, Photograph. Previous academic records of students, roll call register of students, pending fees register are various features that exist in admission - related reports which help to decide action on a student. Academic year information of any student, UGC reports (University Grant Commission), scholarship reports of students are various factors for the student management system. The principal or director of college can see any disciplinary records or action taken on a student. Student database management system also possesses marks, grades, ranks and progress status of a student, curriculum details of the student. Result status like Pass, fail or ATKT can be defined. Details of documents like merit certificates, Transfer certificates, passing certificate information can be maintained and recorded in this student database management system. It also has an attendance system aligned with it for maintaining student presence & absence records.

Benefits of Student Management system Software

Staff Comfort

The student module helps college staff to visualize data of each student on a few clicks. Moreover, all student data is imported from the online admission system that is another advantage to staff.

Improved Communication

Better communication is established between the student and their parents

Student Performance and Tracking

Teachers track the performance of the students and jot down the area of improvement.>

Student Attendance Management System for College

Student attendance management system is a biometric-based system used by fingerprints of students & can be integrated with attendance system for its optimal utilization. This system shows complete presence and absent records of students from any given period further it helps the administration to present reports to parents. Many colleges have attendance as a parameter to declare students’ results so it helps the college management to calculate total attendance percent and assign value to the marksheet.

College Information Management System

Moreover, it can also be used for teacher and staff attendance so this cost-effective software provides information quickly for institute administration, teachers, students, and parents so each one can be aware of their responsibility.

This way, student data can be managed from a basic level of information to generate any kind of reports required to run the institution. Similarly, the student information system (SIS) is very useful to analyze students with any parameter administration needed. A user-friendly system is well designed for the effective working of institute management.