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Hostel Management System

Hostels have a large number of data bytes to be maintained which can be very burdensome. If we use registers to keep all this data, a large number of papers will be wasted.

Hostel management system is designed to manage all the activities related to the hostel. This software is for online processing, to save time and collate all the information in one place to avoid delay in work and to get all information.

Hostel Supervisor:

This system is serving as an assistant for hostel admin. This software provides the facility to hostel admin to create rooms into the system, add more rooms later on, and define their charges. If maintained in the system, the admin does not need to remember the specific charges for each type of room which helps for finance management in College ERP , so this can be managed well. Hostel warden has one unique ID and password to access all this data.

Building information:

This module contains all the information about hostels like hostel names, hostel type, and location of the hostel. Hostel types can be boys’ hostel, girls’ hostel, faculty hostel, etc.

A different number of buildings can be there into a hostel.

This software keeps track of the number of rooms available in a specific building of a specific hostel.

It has a provision to check the number of rooms and floors in a particular hostel.

Rooms’ information:

This hostel management software will be handling complete details about each and every room so that you can check the availability in a particular room very easily.

All other details like the number of beds available, amenities provided and other facilities are also maintained into the system and can be extracted in just a go with the help of room id.

This facility will help the admin in tracking the status of a hostel. With the help of a student id, you can find the room number assigned to a particular student.

Student information:

Detailed information of each student will be present in the system and can be fetched whenever required. The information like Student Name, Roll number, Class, batch, permanent address, and emergency contact details are maintained in the system.

Hostel Management System Demo

Student id will be used to retrieve all the information like which room has been allocated to a particular student. If a student requests to shift the room, the same will be updated into the system.

The system will hold all the data about a student’s IN and OUT timing information which will be helpful in case of any emergency or incident.

This system provides monetary tracking as well. Forget the paper and pen while maintaining and calculating the mess bills for any student.

No need to make manual entries of bills of every student as all the mess bills and other hostel bills will be maintained into the system against each student. Bills and payments can be handled smoothly with the help of this data.

All these facilities will help in the smooth functioning of the hostel. Large records can be maintained very easily without any hassle.

All the functions to manage the hostel become quick and easy, the hostel warden and clerk manages effectively.

Maintaining and reviewing hostel assets becomes easy so the caretaker works with enthusiasm.

Eyeing students and maintaining their records as well as sharing with their parents becomes easy.