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Library Management System

Library Membership

Membership is provided to every student and faculty member. By using the member’s data Librarian can generate the ID card for the member and the library management software will generate a Barcode for the member which will be helpful for future transactions.

This will help to reduce the manual work (on papers) to maintain member’s records.


This library automation software helps to keep track of all the existing books. There will be a unique Id for every book. Barcode will help in Issue-return functionality.

While issuing a book, a librarian will scan the barcode in the system and an entry will be made into the system for the specific book against the specific student or faculty member.

A librarian can define the number of books that can be issued to a specific member in the system.

The system will send auto-generated reminder mails to the members when the expiry date will be on the door.

OPAC Library

Members can return the book or they can renew the book by logging into the system.

There will be some renewal limit after which members have to return the book or a fine will be applied.

Fine for late return or loss of item will be defined into the system. A total fine will be calculated into the fee management system.

Members will be able to access the system by using their unique Ids.

OPAC Library (Online Public access catalog) provides search options for the student by Title, Author, Publisher, Book Editor, Edition Year, and Subject.

Web OPAC library management system provides Search option by Accession No., Title, Author, Publisher, Place, Book Editor, Editor Year, Pages, Copies, Volume No., Sources, Rate, Class No, Subject, Invoice, Remarks for a librarian.

This library management software is loaded with some important library functionalities like Book Accession, Periodical Accession, and Disc Accession. After accessioning the books and periodicals are ready for circulation.

Book reservation functionality is also part of this software as some highly demanded library items can be reserved by members. A librarian can define the number of reservations & reservation periods of each member group.

Daily/monthly/yearly reports can be generated from the system. The report can be extracted item wise like the report will explain how many items are issued, expired, out of use, etc. Member-wise reports can also be generated.

For example, if you want to generate a report for a particular member for some specific period. You can print Accession Register, Membership Register, book Issue Register, Reservation Register, Binding Register, Fine & Write-Off Registers.

Book Card

Title wise, Author wise, Language wise subject wise, Class no. wise & Budget wise are available.

Final Settlement

At the time of final settlement, a librarian can check into the system if a member is clean enough to provide approval. The system will check and notify if any kind of fine is pending or any book is un-returned. And then that member will be closed.


The librarian manages the entire stock of the library very quickly and conveniently. With the help of this library tool, the college gives a big boost in performing day-to-day transactions of the library. The librarian makes optimal utilization of the resources.

OPAC Library

This tool gives a great convenience to search books.

The surfing catalog is user-friendly with various search features that allow students to select a perfect book.

OPAC library is a key factor seen by the NAAC accreditation committee because library automation is of great importance to a student in providing study material.

To reduce manual intervention, this OPAC library software is a really helpful tool that can bring revolutionary change into the Library management software and makes the transactions fast and secure.

OPAC Library